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Streamline Your PCF Reporting with the TfS PCF Guideline and Data Model

Considering the recent release of the Together for Sustainability (TfS) Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Data Model, AllocNow is pleased to host a webinar on

Thursday, April 25th at 5 PM CEST / 10 AM CDT.

This informative session will explore how the TfS PCF Guideline and Data Model can streamline your reporting efforts.


During this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into:

  • Harnessing the Benefits of the TfS PCF Guideline: Explore the objectives and significant advantages of this guideline for both corporations and suppliers. This session will delve into how it standardizes PCF calculation and assessment, ensuring accurate and consistent reporting across the chemical sector.

  • Understanding the TfS PCF Data Model: Explore the purpose and structure of this newly released model. Learn how companies can leverage it to enhance their PCF reporting processes.

  • The Future of Data Governance: Gain insights into emerging trends and future possibilities for data sharing and collection within sustainability reporting.

The webinar will be hosted by Daniel Bochnitschek from AllocNow. Joining him will be a distinguished panel of guest speakers:

  • Alessandro Pistillo, Director Digital & Sustainability strategic projects at BASF & Co-Chair Work Stream GHG Scope3 Emissions at TfS

  • Björn Ebeling, Director Corporate Business Technology Platforms at Merck


Don't miss this opportunity to gain expert knowledge and improve your PCF reporting efficiency!

Register now to secure your spot:

Limited Availability!


More details about the TfS PCF Guideline can be found on their website.

Read here the lastest press release about the TfS PCF Data Model.



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