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The demand for high-quality product sustainability metrics is soaring, particularly within the chemical industry. Evolving regulations, market pressures, and environmental consciousness have elevated the importance of accurate sustainability measurements. In this webinar, experts from AllocNow, Carbon Minds, and BASF/TfS discuss how companies within the chemical value chain can harness the power of consistent methodologies and data to drive their sustainability transformations.

Alessandro Pistillo

Director of Digital Strategic Projects at BASF & Co-Chair GHG Scope3 Emissions at TfS

Alessandro Pistillo

Raoul Meys

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Carbon Minds

Raoul Meys

Daniel Bochnitschek

Co-Founder and CEO at AllocNow

Daniel Bochnitschek



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Webinar - Automating Lifecycle Assessments

Automating Lifecycle Assessments

Webinar in collaboration with our partners BASF

and Carbon Minds

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