Product Sustainability Platform for the Chemical Industry.



TfS PCF Guideline and Implementation

26 October 2022 | 3 - 4 pm CET | 9 - 10 am EST |  9 - 10 pm CST

With Alessandro Pistillo (BASF), Daniel Bochnitschek & Nico Lauter (AllocNow)

We help chemical companies to make carbon management an integral part of their business model.


Designed to handle the complexity of chemical value chains


Making sustainability data
accessible to non-LCA experts


Fast and cost-effective calculation
of product carbon footprints

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AllocNow Product Sustainability Platform


Supports the data gathering process

Collecting the required data to calculate the carbon footprint of products is a pain. AllocNow significantly speeds-up this process by reducing manual work, by providing guidance for gathering primary data, and by easing the process of data quality assessment.​


Makes results validation easy and comprehensible

AllocNow is specifically designed to handle complex value chains typical for the chemical industry. Our engine calculates the carbon footprint across a company's entire product portfolio at the push of a button. Results can be reconstructed and communicated to customers and stakeholders based on comprehensible product reports.​

Helps to understand the impact of choices based on scenarios

With society and consumers becoming more and more concerned about climate change and their impact, the carbon footprint of products is turning into an important product differentiator. AllocNow helps companies to find the most effective levers for reduction.


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