Let's change the game of lifecycle assessment
for chemicals 

With the AllocNow Product Sustainability Platform, we change the game of lifecycle assessments for chemical products. For global production networks and product portfolios of any size and depth, we provide a fast and replicable calculation methodology in line with common standards for life cycle assessment

(ISO 14044) and product carbon footprints (ISO 14067), as well as the GHG Protocol Product Standard.

At a glance



Modelling product system


Data currency


Target group


Effort per product



Gathering of emissions factors

Compared to a life cycle assessment study that focuses on a single product, the scalable approach significantly increases the number of emission factors required. AllocNow provides a centralized location for iteratively adding, updating, and improving emissions data. It serves as a platform to align and coordinate cross-functional data collection. Integration of data from third party secondary data bases is seamlessly possible.​

PCF Calculation

The calculation engine is compliant with ISO 14044, ISO 14067 and based on the GHG protocol product standard. It calculates environmental impacts for every product and intermediate of the reporting company. Automation ensures all products are handled consistently based on a transparent set of rules.

Validation and analytics

Making use of the increased transparency requires easy access to data based on comprehensible reports. Our built-in analytics functions and reports enable users to validate results and understand how they accumulate across production steps.

Scenario Analysis

With the built-in scenario analysis tool, users can simulate the effect of changes on the environmental impact of a specific product. It is useful to validate relevance and sensibleness of various improvement options.


Environmental characteristics are becoming a key differentiator for chemical products. AllocNow supports consistent communication of results to customers and other internal and external stakeholders.

Partnership with BASF

AllocNow has partnered with BASF, who have pioneered a digital solution to calculate product carbon footprints across the entire global product portfolio.

Our common goal is to standardize the calculation of the carbon footprint of chemical products and to make this approach accessible to the market in order to create a level playing field. The cooperation has two aspects:

  • We adopt BASF's LCA methodology for PCFs and offer a reliable solution based on primary data that is proven to work and can be certified by third party auditors.

  • We include good practice approaches of BASF’s digital solution into the AllocNow software.

BASF regularly refines the PCF methodology based on new findings and discussions within industry associations and platforms (e.g., ‘Together for Sustainability’). AllocNow ensures that customers have access to the latest version in a timely manner.

More information

Press release on partnership agreement

BASF website on their PCF methodology