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AllocNow Wins the “Value to Industry” Award of the CHEManager Innovation Pitch

Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia (January 27, 2023) - CHEManager Innovation Pitch announced AllocNow as the winner of the “Value to Industry” Award 2022, based on votes of a jury of experts.

CHEManager Innovation Pitch is the start-up funding initiative of the renowned newspaper for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In 2022, nineteen start-ups from seven countries participated in the pitch, where one winner each was determined in the categories "Value to Society", "Value to Sustainability" and "Value to Industry". AllocNow, resulted from a lively discussion in which different criteria were weighed up, was honored with the “Value to Industry” Award.

"We are extremely proud to have been recognized for the value we bring to the industry,” stated Daniel Bochnitschek, Co-Founder and CEO of AllocNow. “We strive to support the chemical industry in its transition towards circular and sustainable business models, and it's an honor to have our efforts acknowledged in this way."

In the future, AllocNow will keep collaborating with their trusted partners and customers, committing to one of the most sophisticated challenges in the industry and adding value by expertise, innovation as well as technology.


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