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Upcoming Demo Webinar - Live Showcase of our Product Sustainability Platform

Webinar, 29th of February 2024, 5:00 PM CET / 10 AM CST

Take the next opportunity to join us for our upcoming webinar, where we'll showcase our unique Product Sustainability Platform, set to redefine Lifecycle Assessments in the chemical and process industry.


In this webinar, our expert team will:

  • Walk you through a live demo of the platform, demonstrating its ease of use and effectiveness.

  • Unveil the key features enabling you to assess, optimize, and track your product's environmental impact (e.g. gathering of Scope 3 emissions factors – for more detailed information, please refer to our blog post here).

  • Share insights into future planning of revolutionary features.


Learn about:

Automation and Scalability: Understand the true meaning of automation and scalability in the context of the Product Sustainability Platform, designed to handle the complexity of chemical value chains with speed and cost-effectiveness.

Reliable Values: Learn how the platform ensures consistency in calculations, providing you with reliable values for effective communication both externally to customers and internally for strategic decision-making.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Discover how AllocNow empowers you to identify and act on the most pressing tasks to reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to your sustainability goals.


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