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AllocNow @ Achema 2024

The world’s leading trade fair for the chemical and process industry, Achema 2024, has come to a close, and what an incredible event it was! AllocNow was thrilled to showcase our groundbreaking Product Sustainability Platform (PSP), and we are excited to share highlights, photos, and a video from our joint presentation with BASF / TfS and Wacker.

Achema fair happening this year 10-14 June in Frankfurt / Germany

Unlocking the Future of Sustainability

At Hall 6.0, Booth Nr. C74, our team engaged with numerous industry leaders and professionals, demonstrating how our PSP is reshaping environmental impact assessment and management. Our scalable solution, designed for the rapid and cost-effective calculation of product footprints at an industrial scale, leverages primary enterprise data to provide unparalleled insights into sustainability metrics.

Key Features and Insights

Rapid Assessments: Our tool delivers environmental impact assessments for every product and intermediate in your company's portfolio within seconds.

Standards Compliance: The automated calculation engine aligns with industry standards such as ISO 14044/67 and the TfS PCF-Guideline, ensuring precise evaluations.

Transparent Analytics: Our analytics tools offer transparent data access, while scenario analysis aids in minimizing environmental impacts and validating operational improvements.

Consistent Communication: AllocNow facilitates consistent communication of results to both internal and external stakeholders, streamlining the process of promptly responding to customer inquiries.

Collaboration for a more sustainable chemical industry

A highlight of Achema was the presentation on the EY Green Innovation Stage alongside our valued partners, Dr. Dominik Auer from WACKER Chemie AG and Alessandro Pistillo from BASF / Together for Sustainability (TfS). The presentation explored the collaborative power of innovative solutions like our PSP in driving the chemical industry towards a more sustainable future.

Recording of Joint Presentation "Transparency at Scale: Using standards and data to drive the sustainability transformation"

Looking Forward

We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many passionate individuals committed to sustainability within the chemical and process industry. With the valuable insights gained at Achema, we are excited to continue collaborating and fostering a greener tomorrow.


Additionally, our next webinar titled "Industrial Scale LCAs: A Demo of the Product Sustainability Platform" is already scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 5 pm (CEST), where we will dive deeper into our solution and how it can help your company achieve its sustainability goals. Find more information and register here.


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