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Webinar - TfS PCF Guideline and Implementation

Together for Sustainability (TfS), the global network of 37 globally leading chemical companies, published its PCF Guideline for the industry last month. No doubt, it has set an unprecedented standard for emissions reporting. While numerous chemical leaders embarked on their journey to net zero in Scope 1 and 2 emissions, providing transparency on product carbon footprints (PCF) remains a major challenge. The recently launched methodology offers a new and harmonized approach to assess the climate impact of products with the ultimate goal to allow for comparability. In this webinar, we give an overview on important aspects of the guideline, and outline how this standard can be leveraged to automate Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) for entire chemical product portfolios. Our partner and pioneer in the field of PCF automation, BASF, joins us to provide insights into the topic. Together, we answer partcipant's questions and address concerns about data, efforts and more!


  • Alessandro Pistillo, BASF, Director of Digital Strategic Projects

  • Daniel Bochnitschek, CEO AllocNow

  • Nico Lauter, Head of Product AllocNow


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