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Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions: AllocNow at The Greener Manufacturing Show 2023

8-9 November 2023 in Cologne, Germany

Logo of the Greener Manufacturing Show 2023 with additional text about the event and partnership announcement.
The Greener Manufacturing Show 2023

We're thrilled to announce AllocNow's participation in this year's Greener Manufacturing Show, a premier event dedicated to advancing sustainable practices within the manufacturing industry.

Booth Presence

At AllocNow, our primary mission revolves around driving sustainability by enabling companies to diligently manage the environmental impact of products on a large scale. As part of this commitment, we're setting up a booth at the Greener Manufacturing Show, where we'll showcase our innovative solution for simplifying the complex task of assessing the entire lifecycle of products.

Our booth, located at No. S08, will serve as a hub for insights and discussions on sustainability, carbon accounting, and the latest advancements in the chemical industry.

We invite all attendees to visit us and explore the various features of AllocNow's Product Sustainability Platform. The automated capabilities of this tool enable companies to comprehensively analyze the product carbon footprint (PCF) of their entire product portfolio, allowing businesses to make informed decisions regarding resource utilization, production processes, and material selection. Furthermore, it streamlines the creation of on-demand reports, ensuring swift responses to customer requests without delay.

Presentation by Wacker and AllocNow

In addition to our booth, AllocNow is proud to announce our active involvement in the conference itself. Our CEO, Daniel Bochnitschek, will be sharing the stage with Dominik Auer from Wacker Chemie AG, a leader in the chemical industry. Together, they will be delivering a presentation on the topic of "Transparency at Scale – Using Standards and Data to Drive the Sustainability Transformation."

This session will delve into the critical need for standardization in sustainability accounting methodologies and the pivotal role that data-driven approaches play in achieving transparency on a larger scale. Through a compelling case study, Daniel and Dominik will demonstrate the practical implementation of the recently published Together for Sustainability (TfS) PCF-Guideline using AllocNow's Product Sustainability Platform.

Join Us

We invite all Greener Manufacturing Show attendees to mark their calendars for this enlightening discussion, scheduled for November 9, 2023, from 11:15 to 11:40 am. It's an opportunity to gain insights into cutting-edge approaches for driving sustainability transformations within your organization.

Furthermore, we encourage you to visit the co-located Plastic Waste Free World Europe event, which runs alongside the Greener Manufacturing Show. It's a fantastic chance to explore innovations in waste reduction and sustainability.

To attend the Greener Manufacturing Show, secure your free entry pass and be part of this significant event dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in manufacturing.

We look forward to connecting with you and exchanging groundbreaking ideas on sustainability, transparency, and the future of manufacturing.

See you in Cologne!

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