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Watch Our Webinar Recording: Automating Lifecycle Assessments

Webinar from 14th September 2023

Discover How to Leverage Consistent Methodologies and Data for a Sustainable Transformation

The demand for high-quality product sustainability metrics is soaring, particularly within the chemical industry. Evolving regulations, market pressures, and environmental consciousness have elevated the importance of accurate sustainability measurements.

In this webinar, experts from AllocNow, Carbon Minds, and BASF/TfS will discuss how companies within the chemical value chain can harness the power of consistent methodologies and data to drive their sustainability transformations.

Ask these experts and leaders in the field your most pressing questions, learn how automating lifecycle assessment (LCA) can create transparency at scale and lead your company to a more sustainable future.

Featured Speakers:

  • Alessandro Pistillo - Director of Digital Strategic Projects at BASF & Co-Chair of the Work Stream GHG Scope3 Emissions at Together for Sustainability (TfS)

  • Raoul Meys - Co-Founder and Managing Director at Carbon Minds

  • Daniel Bochnitschek - CEO at AllocNow

Key Messages to Look Forward to:

  • BASF/TfS: Discover how standardizing methodologies paves the way for a level playing field, creating a united approach to sustainability across the industry.

  • Carbon Minds: Learn how leveraging high-quality secondary data can elevate the specificity of sustainability results, driving meaningful impact.

  • AllocNow: Explore the immense potential of automating Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) to achieve scalability across all products and accessibility for all functions, propelling your company towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

If you missed the live event, you can watch the recording by clicking the button below.


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