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AllocNow Joins Renewable Carbon Initiative to Drive Sustainability in the Chemical Industry

We are excited to share that AllocNow became an active member of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) in early 2024.

The Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) logo

What is the Renewable Carbon Initiative?

The RCI is a global coalition of over 150 companies, research institutions, and government agencies committed to transitioning from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials.

Founded in 2016 by nova-Institute, the RCI brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to tackle the challenges and opportunities associated with this transition. By fostering collaboration, developing innovative technologies, promoting supportive policies, and educating the public about the benefits of renewable carbon, the RCI strives to make renewable carbon the preferred choice for chemical production by 2050.

Why did AllocNow join and how will we contribute to the RCI?

AllocNow's active engagement in the RCI underscores our commitment to collaborative sustainability endeavors that are crucial for driving technological advancements and transformative change within the chemical industry, aiming to reduce fossil carbon emissions and addressing climate change.

Using our expertise in harmonizing sustainability assessment and reporting, along with our proficiency in digitalization, we aim to seamlessly integrate these complementary perspectives into the RCI network.

This approach will not only foster meaningful and holistic automation of sustainable practices but also promote the inclusion of digital voices into RCI’s advocacy efforts to establish a supportive regulatory and economic framework. Ultimately, this will drive the successful scaling of sustainability initiatives across the industry and deliver tangible benefits for all RCI members.

"At AllocNow, we proudly join the Renewable Carbon Initiative," declares Daniel Bochnitschek, Co-Founder and Managing Director. "Collaborating with fellow members, we anticipate driving the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry through digitalization. Our strong belief in the RCI as a catalyst for change motivates our commitment to positively influencing the industry."

We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor as we work towards a sustainable future for the chemical industry.


To learn more about the RCI and its mission, please visit their website here.

You can also stay informed about the latest developments in sustainable chemistry by following the nova-Institute.


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